About the Cornwall School of Mystery & Magick
For close to thirty years the founders of the Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick have been sharing their understandings of the esoteric, mystical and magickal traditions.

Late in 2013 they decided to bring their respective knowledge,experience and energies together to form the School. In July 2016 we became a Limited Company with view to creating a CIC by the end of 2016.

Driven by the desire to offer all those who were interested a way of exploring mystical and magical teachings within an ethical framework, and provide a learning structure for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners of the esoteric arts.

From the outset it must be understood that the School of Mystery and Magick HAS NOT been established to promote any single tradition or approach over another. In many ways esoteric and magickal truths are personal and all any course of instruction can do is offer signposts, ideas which can be challenged and guidance.

Sue Edwards is a Priestess, Medium, Healer, practicing witch and magickian. As she says she cannot really remember a time when she was not aware of alternate realities, a sense of knowing and seeing what others could not. Some might call her a natural witch and healer since her work comes from a deep understanding of herself in relation to the Cosmos.

Deeply intuitive and proactive in her healing and magical work.

Dr Alan Jones is a self-confessed Rational Mystic, a phrase which gives equal importance to the role of science and mysticism inĀ attempting to understand our relationship with the Cosmos and each other. His interest in the mystery traditions can be traced back to his pre-teens,

He is a third degree Wiccan (Alexandrian tradition); a member of the British Order of Druids, B.O.T.A., and a Knight within the Ancient and Noble Order of Knights Templar.

Celebrating the Initiation of course members

Research at the Museum of Witchcraft & Magick

Rev ULC; Arch Druid RDG : KT : PhD

Rev. ULC; Priestess of Kernow