Co-Founder of the Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick; Arch-Druid of the Reformed Druids of Gaia and current leader of Druid Clan of Celliwig; Reverend with the Universal Life Church and Church of Seven Planes; 3rd Degree Wiccan (Alexandrian Tradition); Knight Templar (invested 2012); B.O.T.A.; Member of Fellowship of Isis; Member of British Druid Order and New Order of Druids. Reiki Master.

Alan has studied Geology to degree level and has a PhD in Psychology.

He is a NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist and Transpersonal Counsellor.

He has formal qualifications in teaching and thinking skills and has taken courses in Parapsychology (Koestler Institute, Edinburgh University), Theology (Keele University), Neurology (Duke University) and Mindfulness (University of Virginia).

He is also a member of the Institute of Noetic Studies, Society of Shamanic Practitioners, Centre for Shamanic Studies. and Institute for Consciousness and Healing.

Alan’s personal journey into the world of mystery and magick grew out of a fascination with Hammer Horror movies and the stories of Edgar Allen Poe.

After much exploration he was introduced to the world of Ritual Magick and then Alexandrian Witchcraft.

His training in Science (Geology) may have led to an end to this mystical aspect of Alan’s life if it hadn’t been for a meeting with a Shoshone Medicine Man in Canada. It was after this meeting that he decide the term Rational Mystic could be applied to describe his philosophical and metaphysical journey.

Author of several books on mystery topics – including The Tarot, Shamanism, Numerology, Ritual Magic – as well as anthologies of poems and albums of music – Alan is attempting to embrace the tradition of the Bard, the wisdom of the Druid and the energy of the Magician.

He has recieved two Innovation Awards for his work in Teaching and Learning (UFA) and in 2014 he was given an Inspiring Human Potential Award for his work in the area of offering personal and spiritual development.