COURSES 2017 -2018

Courses and Workshops

          Practitioner Courses

​These courses lead to Professional Level Practitioner qaulifications. Since they carry accreditations they are insurable and allow professional membership to leading organisations.

Unless otherwise stated these courses are accredited under the IMPA and IICT banner
              Esoteric Courses

These courses represent the 'core' of our magickal teaching. They are as much about personal and self-development as they are about 'magical training'

These courses lead to a pesonal Dedication or Initiation into a magikal path and are accredited under the IMPA banner.


The Craft

The Craft

David Lockwood is a British Society of Dowsing accredited tutor and he runs Foundation & Intermediate courses certified by the BSD,
A complete introduction and initiation into The Craft (Wicca/Witchcraft)

13 weekends over 13 months

The Celtic Shaman

Shamanic Healing

A complete introduction and initiation into contemporary Druidry.

Bard    : 10 Weekends over 10 months
Ovate :  6 Weekends over 6 months
Nwyfre - Shamanic Healing within the reconstricted Celtic-Druid Tradition. In some cases our Celtic Shaman or Craft course will be an essential pre-requisite.

Accredited by the the IICT.



An introduction to Personal and Spiritual Alchemy. Based upon Hermetic Tradition; augmented with contemporary ideas.

Practicus : 10 days
Adeptus  :  20 dats
Magus     :   30 days
Reiki Ist, 2nd, 3rd (Masters & Teachers).
Lineage approved by the Reiki Foundation so allowing professional membership to this body.

Also Accredited by the the IICT.

Divination, Psychic & Intuitive Arts

The Qabbala

A Diploma Level course in Oracular Studies - psychic & intuitive readings/counselling.

Practical & Theoretical training in The Tarot, Geomancy, Runes, Palmistry, Numerolgy, Astrology, Oracle Cards

Accredited by the the IICT.
​Several opportunities to explore this system from introductory workshops; to a 10 weekend course through to a full exploration of The Qabbala as a magickal framework.

Spiritual Counselling/Coaching

Course Asssessment

Assessment is based upon:-

Attendance minimum 80%
Practical Observation
Professional Discussion
Reflective Journal
Occassional Written Tasks

Assessment Criteria for Professionnal Courses are based around National Occupational Standards, where appropriate, and are aimed at Level 4/5 in academic termas although certification is not transferrable to other educational qualifications.


We will operate a Registered Practitioner List for all those appropriately certificated and insured.

We also offer Assessment of Prior Learning so not all standards will need to be met through the courses we deliver.
In associtaion with Inspire NLP a suite of professional trainings which focus on Spiritual and Personal Coaching and Counselling.

Teacher Certification in Meditation and Mindfulness

Practitioner Certification in Spiritual Counselling

Accredited by the the IICT. IHA and NLPEA

Approaches to Past-Life Regression

Approaches to "Past Life " Therapy, philospophical underpinnings, beliefs and its use as a therpeutic and personal development tool

Accreditation IICT

Parapsychology - Paranormal Research

Certification in Paranormal Research

A study of parapsychology, reserach methods and apporaches as well as a critical look at evidence. Learn how to conduct meaningful research

Accredited by the the IICT
If you would like to receive more information about any of these courses or would like to book a workshop or talk please contact Sue or Alan directly...

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