Co-Founder of the Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick; Priestess of Kernow, Reverend within the Universal Life Church, Founder of Sisterhood of Kernow, Member of The Fellowship of Isis.
Sue is a Second Degree Druid within the Reformed Druids of Gaia and founder member of the Druid Clan of Celliwig.

Healer, with Duchy Healers and has studied Complementary Therapies at College to level 4; as trained as Crystal Healer and is qualified at Reiki 2.

Sue was aware from a very early age that not everything was as it seemed. Her personal experience of the world was, seemingly, a little different to others and she became inquisitive about what she was feeling, sensing and seeing.

She gradually became aware that there were labels for some of these feelings and ideas and that of ‘witch’.

Over the years she has developed an awareness of other worlds, much of which is not easy to talk about in words, but which is reflected within nature and the web that connects us all.
In essence Sue has taken the path of the Wise or Cunning Woman to be where she is now.

Passionate about women’s rights and empowerment and dedicated to the creation of a space where women can support women (The Sisterhood of Kernow).

Sue is currently working in facilitating the Priestesses of Kernow in their future development and work.

In 2014 she was given an Inspiring Human Potential Award for her work in the area of offering personal and spiritual development.